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factors for full employment

November 9, 2012

Factors influencing employment in a society


What forces increase/reduce jobs in a country?


Forced Full Employment


A baseline is one person making just what he consumes—food, shelter, clothing, heat. A small extension from one person is an isolated family with father, mother and children working together and surviving. The next step in “employment evolution” is a tribe with jobs grouped as taking care of animals, growing food, cooking food, making clothes, hunting, building shelters, as required by the leader, the chief. A commune would be a similar model with a member congress instead of a chief.


A royal leader by legend, philosophy, or religion and possibly by threat of force similarly places all people in a job by virtue of controlling resources such as land, animals, tools, weapons, and natural resources/materials. The royal family enjoys the first cut of the wealth and a standard of living well above that of the worker peasants or slaves who work to just barely stay alive.


The Greek and Roman empires in years BC showed that control of resources with most workers living at minimal survival, allowed for surplus resources to build great arenas and royal living quarters. 


In more recent times, a military dictator uses the same control of resources to build a relatively privileged society within a society. Full employment with low worker productivity supports the wealthy group, with few resources for the poor workers who are free to work or die. Minimal resources of land, water, animals, tools, and materials lead to death and starvation of peasants, while the export of natural resources, typically minerals, generates cash for the ruling society to import weapons and hire armies to keep their positions. Chart 1 shows the class society.  




Recent countries via revolution against kings or czars moved to resource and job control under communism. Full employment was dictated as the centrally planned economy placed all workers in factories to make selected amounts of goods and services to provide and distribute them to all members in the society. Everyone was to have a fair and equal share of production. The sales pitch was that the wealth of kings was now going to flow to the worker masses.


The undisclosed wealth of party leaders and ranking party members was the catch. Incentives for high worker productivity do not exist when hard workers and slackers have the same quality of life so overall standards of living under communism proved to be low.


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