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work on the budget versus pay political favors

January 16, 2013


So the world’s greatest democracy has freely elected a president.

 Was this the freely elected choice of the masses? It was hardly free since many of the holders of wealth in the USA put up billions of dollars to promote their choice or in many cases to propagandize the masses even without declaring where the money was coming from. Unfortunately, the outcome of the vote by state suggests that too many voters cast their vote for an ideal –be it the right-to-life, the sanctity of marriage, the false information about the “Muslim President”, or just plain lies about the facts. While these voters made their choice, the wealth holders running the TV ads had no such religious fervor as they sought to keep their wealth through keeping their friends in power.

If there is no debate, discussion, and compromise on spending among the Congress, voter pessimism will be proven right.  Our hope lies with you in a free press that will be the name callers and fact checkers and break the hold of special interests.

Simple math shows that federal spending which automatically matches the needs  of the poor and elderly (allows unlimited demand), such as health care, food stamps in a  SNAP,  child care, the right to an inferior public education and affordable housing, makes budgeting impossible. In my household, if I have 3 pets and each month they eat more food and have more offspring, the rapid rise in the money for food and vet bills will exceed whatever income I have. I would never put them out but I would act to control their cost. Similarly, if I owe a debt to 5 large corporations and their stock price and returns to investors depends on my vote for the tax subsidies or price controls, or large defense contracts, or high prices for prescription drugs, in time their needs will surpass my resources.  Both sides need to come forth with their list of “entitlements” for SNAP or for the defense contractors and they each have to give up a small percent.

So we can find hope if the press can effectively dissolve the present Congress and get representatives of the people into office. Do we need some constitutional change to have a NO CONFIDENCE vote or a national vote to remove the worst road blockers in Congress?


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