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41 better camping ideas

October 10, 2013

More betta camping ideas

1. Use foam floor tiles for a softer, more comfortable tent floor.


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locking floor tiles under the beds or dump a sack of styrofoam packing peanuts at each site

2. Point a head lamp into a jug of water for an instant lantern.


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Tent light -Strap a head light to a water jug or use a moonshine jug, drink it and you get lighted

Flickr: listorama

3. Also: Mountain Dew + baking soda + peroxide = lantern.


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mix mountain dew, baking soda, peroxide it glows then play light toss, it explodes

4. Make tin-can sandwich bread as a portable food option.


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Bake bread in a tin can or bake in muffin tins if you want to get the bread out

Get the recipe here.

5. Familiarize yourself with what the poisonous plants look like.


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learn signs of poison ivy, poison oak also a poisonous whiney camping buddy to leave home

6. Bring a tick deterrent.


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6 make tic deterrent or just squash the tic before he bites you dummie

7. Glue sandpaper to the top of your match holder.


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glue sandpaper to your match box or glue sandpaper to your butane fire stick, do your nails by the fire while happy camper is in the cold using all of his matches

Be sure to buy strike-anywhere matches.

8. Repurpose a coffee can to hold and protect TP.


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keep TP in a coffee can and leave some coffee in the can for a fresh unique butt smell

As seen in Broke Back Mountain

9. Make crescent rolls over the campfire.


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bake crescent rolls in sticks or bring donuts

For maximum yumminess, fill ‘em with stuff like marshmallows and Nutella. Or wrap hot dogs with them.


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Get the directions here.

10. Use Tic-Tac boxes to store spices.


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Tic Tac box for spices or buy salt and pepper mini shakers

11. Invest in a two-person sleeping bag.


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two person sleeping bag combine with 8, early morning coffee scented farts to wake up your sleepy partner

This one is $84.99 from Cabelas.

12. Get these seat hammocks for car camping.


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hammock seat on rear of the car and put whiney kids in rear hammock for long noise free driving

Buy ‘em here.

13. Cut up a straw and fill the pieces up with antibiotic ointment or toothpaste for single-use packets.


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fill straws with tooth paste for easy use or fill your nose with toothpaste for the next two days use

Use a lighter to seal up the ends.

14. Make travel coffee bags out of coffee filters and dental floss.


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dental floss ties for coffee filter or make weaker coffee that doesn’t get caught between teeth

Place a scoop of coffee grounds into a coffee filter and tie it up with dental floss. When you’re ready to brew, just make it like you would make tea in a teabag!

15. Need your coffee? Bring a few of these.


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small liquid coffee packs for urgent fix see 11 and 8 above, get coffee fix in the sleeping bag

They’ll keep you from going into caffeine withdrawal.

16. Make candle stakes for romantic nighttime lighting.


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romantic pole candles …exciting forest fire when the kids knock over the candles

Get the directions here.

17. Make single-use soap leaves from a bar of soap and a vegetable peeler.


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make single use soap chips or have kids pump the gel soap you brought into straws when they are on time out for the forest fire

You can also rub soap on mosquito bites to relieve the itchiness.

18. Use an empty laundry detergent dispenser as a hand-washing station.



Just fill it up with water.

make a hand washing station or just bring a claassen nasty rag—4 corners hands, feet, pots, dishes

19. Use a belt and hooks to hang up pots and pans.


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use your belt to tie pots to a tree … pick a remote camp site for when your pants fall down

20. Make campfire cones!


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21. Pack a mini first-aid kit into an old prescription bottle or Altoids tin.


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Or just bring valliam

22. Make pancakes with pre-made pancake mix using shortening and dry milk, which don’t need to be refrigerated.


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Get the full recipe here. You can also find powdered eggs at most grocery stores (if you don’t shudder at the thought).

23. Put a battery-powered votive candle into an empty peanut butter container to make portable lanterns.


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24. Make a portable washing machine with a plunger and a bucket.




Get the directions here.

bucket for washing, portalet cut packing by using the same bucket

25. Make an easy-to-carry fire starter with a cardboard-only egg carton and match light charcoal.


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You just have to light the carton and the fire will catch on to the charcoal.

Or Use half eggs and half charcoal for quick cooked roasted-in-sheet eggs



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use Doritoes for fire kindling … sounds good only after heavy pot smoking

27. Make pocket-sized oil lamps out of travel-


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