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Comment to Joe Klein on Ferguson

August 30, 2014

Time letter to Joe Klein, racist, Ferguson story Sept 1 issue 2014

Dear Joe,

You are a racist!

How dare you say: “Blacks represent 13% of the population but commit 50% of the murders; 90% of black victims are murdered by other blacks.” –blatant racial profiling? Fortunately, no one in Ferguson reads Time.

Oh, wait; you are just stating the data. Your story mentions progress on voting rights and legal progress that should have made life better for black people but you end leaving the reader puzzled on the “why” and what solutions are possible. “Black crime rates are much higher than they were before the civil rights movement.”

Really, I have read your views for years; know that you are a thoughtful liberal minded journalist; know that your step into what I am mocking as “racism” is really a needed blunt comment. So can you join/lead a “candid conversation”?


No one cares to state the obvious: Can you research the data and stop calling all people of color “black”. I will guess at the data I am asking for:

Men, who were raised from birth within the programs of the Great Society, –single moms supported by SNAP, Section 8, welfare, and the cash economy funds of their revolving male partner, represent 1% of the population (?) (The other 12% of blacks live responsible lives working and paying their bills). This 1% commits 90% (?) of the black-on-black murders and my guess is that they are 90% of the bodies of young black men that the society picks up off the street each year.

Poverty is not a crime; child neglect is. We need to change the society to prohibit the occupation of irresponsible mom supported by the government raising their meal-ticket children who really live on the street. Just having babies is not an end in itself. Learning to parent (not following the past bad home-life examples) and participation in the child’s development, attendance at school meetings, using SNAP privileges wisely could be required to keep your child. Irresponsibility should lead to loss of benefits and transfer of children to state facilities where caring people would develop them. Such a drastic program reeks of racism; who would even dare to develop and state these data? My bet is with a pilot program, the group moved to the old time orphanage would have fewer dead bodies to pick up.

We know as Americans with freedom that we have the right to bear arms. As it stands today, we have the right to bear children and we can get paid to do that.


So the “why” can be answered? The civil rights movement brought us the Great Society programs. The working people of color were not asking for a handout, just fair access to education and jobs. Even today I believe most people of color would vote to end or change these programs and end the high murder rate of that tiny segment of similarly colored people who they see on the news every day. So I end knowing that “candid” did not include racial genocide of ending free birthing of one race of people. But wait, Great Society free birthing applies to black and white and any racial mix we can label.



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