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Poems from My Running Bucket List

December 19, 2016

From Lahaina Shores

I like the beach in the morning
When the sun is all about dawning
The evening can be fine
With a cool glass of wine
But I like the beach in the morning

The waves are so mellow
When painted in yellow
The quiet and the calm
The escape from life’s storm

The sunlight is so warm
With a sense of no harm

The sun and the sea
The sailboats so free
I love their sight in the morning
When the sun is all about dawning

White waves stir on rocks
There’s no need for clocks
The sun says a new day is dawning

So listen my ear
The tune it will hear
The waves calling out at the dawning
And glance out a far
A few clouds, no more
The sunshine grows with the dawning

What more can I say
The waves win the day
And I’m just a speck
Sometimes quite a wreck
When the waves call out at the dawning

This calm is for carrying
Our souls for the marrying
When we are not here
Replay in our ear
The sound of the beach in the morning
The touch of the sun at the dawning

So go on my way
Ebb tide cannot stay
I like the beach in the morning
When the sun is all about dawning


Hootin in the Night

I skipped along as creatures chirpped
And never blushed when froggies burped
I laughed out loud as beer I slurped

So who says there’s bears round hear
Them grizzly giants campers fear
By gosh, I’ll offer them a beer

Three logs are roastin, the fire’s high
I howl and hoot up to the sky
And that full moon may just reply

Now I’m dancing round the fire
To hoot some more that’s my desire
To wake them bears to join my choir

A pause, a sound in the wood
I strained to listen as best I could
Now all was quiet but not all good

My mouth shut down just like a clam
That grizzly bear was quiet as a lamb
He musta smelled my can a spam

Jesus Lord would ya give him a beer
“I’d help you but its dry up here
No 7-11’s anywhere near

My hootin and dancin was about to end
That bear wasn’t gonna be my friend
I’ll never hear chritters chirp again

Then comes a breeze from out that fire
It spins me around, I hear a choir
Six angels wearing signs, “For hire”

Oh God I’ll never slurp again
If them’s real angels you did send
My evil ways I will amend!

Not so fast my Benny Boy
When last you camped you used that ploy
You’ll have to offer me a better toy

Oh, come on Lord, give me a break
I’m kind, and give more than I take
Please bail me out for heaven’s sake

“You’re right BenBoy, I love you dear
I’ll bail you out, have no more fear
Just listen to me my words to hear”

“Now open your eyes and things will be clear
That bear you seeing a’int even here
He climbed right outta that can o beer
You’ll hoot again like you always do
For hootin’s a gift I gave to you”

“Go to sleep and wake again
And skip and dance and hoot my friend”


Sent to the Stars

I’d like to touch you with one hand
And drive the dark spirits away

I’d like to whisper in your ear
The perfect words to find and say

To jack you up and lift your heart
Into the sun and sky of day

We’d ride the waves on rolling seas
We’d float and fly and flip and play

The sun and shadows sliding by
To surf and sea the senses stray

Turn back our heads and close our eyes
And feel the air float up so high

Then fly away when sun goes out
And find your star up in the sky
So shine your spirit for the rest
Who roam and search our loneliness

And for that star to guide our ships
To fly again as we once flew

Through seas of summer skies so high
Until the stars of night come out

And shine that light we knew in day
In fields of green in time of play
With open hearts to God we pray

So when you reach that starry sky
Wink down at us, you know we care
Before too long we’ll see you there.



Cassie’s Rain
I’m sitting on the back porch
I hear a distant train
The whistle says “I’m coming
Through wind and falling rain

My light is from two candles
Who draw air to their flame
Oh shed more light my flickering friend
Is life just a silly game?

Catch the breeze, grow bright again
Dance you flames with faster beat
The dance of life, send out your heat
So I may dance with happy feet

The lightening flares, the thunder sounds
Yet rain brings calm and healing ways
To those who find its subtle beat
By candle’s glow in forest deep

We hear the rain and drift along
And in our time we’ll sing its song
We’ll rise to heaven, when we’re due
And one night we’ll come down for you

In falling rain you’ll hear a voice
That speaks of hope and purest peace
From heaven sent to heal the soul
To wash us clean as Jesus told
With sparkling drops sent from God’s sky
That find our hearts and ask our reply
We send back our love to heavens high
Our heart beat then bye and bye

The sky will grow dark on another day
Await we must, more rain to say
I love you dear in every way
Go fill your life with lots of play

So please know I love you much
I know you hear me, feel my touch
For only joy and no more pain
Is sent to you in sweat sweat rain

From 121nd Street > revised

I’ll write to you from mountains
I’ll write to you from the sea
I’ll tell you of my journey
And how I came to be me

I step along, I feel so free
I’m at the sea and it loves me

I’ll ask ya to be my lassie
To wonder together, but free
We never will be alone now
So long as we come to the sea
We’ll always find our love there
The rolling sea and you and me

I step along, I feel so free
I’m at the sea and it loves me

We watch the stars, we walk the sand
The wind blows us from sea to land
So if you know me, know me now
Beside the sea all’s true somehow

But in your journey why did you stay
So many years to wait for today
For if you know, do tell me so
And fly away to where we know
Our hearts be one our love to grow

We step along, we fell so free
We’re at the sea just you and me

There were our years apart in pain
In sick love with no joy no gain
So now we heal beside the sea
I love the wave that wetted me
If soon we go down to the shore
We’ll be together for rich or poor

We step along, we fell so free
We’re at the sea just you and me

So hear the sea and need no more
Come be my lassie and explore
On I go to the next retreat
In time we may destiny meet
If we share our love of the sea
Come the day together we’ll be

We step along, we fell so free
We’re at the sea just you and me

With wet pants and a big smile on my face—
Ben >> March 2001



Cozy Days

Something profound
Something from the heart
Words to touch the feelings,
Hands to write the words,

Sliding, gliding fingers
Play a tune without the rime.
Darkly cozy covers
A place of quiet peace
Unspoken touch of lovers
Now isn’t that absurd.

We sing, we dance, we soar, we fly
We quietly hear a lullaby.
Then back to bills,
and bores, and chores,
Why must we go? Why can’t we stay?
From dark quiet covers
We crawfish away.

To love another
That’s the rub.
Where fingers glide
The heart must follow
Or heart will beat
But still be hollow

With chance and joy
And pleasant days
We get to know another’s ways.
As on we go in little plays
We’ll find ahead more cozy days.


——————– Cavalier poet–X rated next


Lover’s Song







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