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June 23, health bill draft sent to Sen Cassidy

June 23, 2017

So an effort has been made to write a new healthcare bill as designed within the Republican Party. I am asking you for your views of this Health Care law. I saw your buddy Jimmy Kimmel last night do a segment talking with children that makes some good points on the new bill.

Is there some way for cost control and limits to treatments that have marginal value?
Is there sufficient funding to cover all poor people for at least some reasonable level of healthcare?
Is this bill about Healthcare more than about who pays taxes and who pays the healthcare cost? Why does health care funding require so much manipulation of the tax code while national defense spending just comes out of standard taxing? What from your bill has gone forward in this bill?
What things would you like to see that are not in the bill?
Is there still some chance to get Democratic participation and let them have a chance to make some changes?

As you can check in your records, I have reviewed and commented on the health-care bill that you wrote. I have not had a chance to review the new healthcare bill. I hope you will be there for the people you’ve treated who in many situations could not afford to pay. I hope to get direct answers to these questions.

Thank you Ben claassen

I am starting in on reading the new bill but find so many cross references and changes to other laws, like the 1986 tax code, that comprehension is impossible.

One good change is to remove MUST BUY rules for healthy young people which is just a disguised tax on young only. Cutting taxes on drugs without drug price caps only opens room for drug price increases.


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